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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hypocritical policy exposes Green Labor's Coalition policy flaws

Everyone from Henny Phoney to Ducky Lucky (and Ju-Liar etc) have been running around telling us that the sky is falling, the oceans are rising and if we don’t reduce man made carbon dioxide urgently then the future of the world is at risk. (This being the main Australian Federal Government's policy rhetoric on just about a daily basis since the election.)

We’ve been told that with (the CLAIMED....) rising oceans, island nations and Australia’s coastal cities and towns could go under-water.... and the resulting climate change will be so bad that we won’t even be able to feed ourselves as a nation.

That is pretty bad.

 It doesn’t much worse than that.

But …. 

The same government and same advisors don’t seem to mind that we are turning prime Australian farmland into coal and gas fields....We haven’t heard anything about a campaign at the UN to stop the world burning coal, or gas.

(Are they not worried about other countries producing the very carbon dioxide they claim will CAUSE global warming.....if they are why aren't they working to stop the world producing all that CO2 urgently rather than just the top 500 polluters in Australia????)

In fact ...

The Australian government is letting, even encouraging, overseas companies come here and dig up our farmland, take our coal and gas and send it offshore for other countries to burn.

and in doing so ....Putting many hundred times the carbon dioxide into the global atmosphere that Australians will ever produce....

..... all the while they’ll continue to tell Australians that a tax on Australian carbon dioxide production is about saving the planet......

… Turn It Up

… I’m Michael Robinson


Carbon debate has just begun

IF you read the Gillard government's $4 million mail-out last week about what a carbon price means for you, one lingering question remains unanswered. How will a carbon tax on the Australian economy combat global warming?
The government informs us, more than once, that the carbon tax will "cut 160 million tonnes of pollution from the atmosphere each year". But not once does the government inform us by how much the carbon tax will reduce global temperatures. The reason for the silence is simple. The carbon tax will make no difference to global temperatures.
And that explains why the debate about a carbon tax is far from over. 





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