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Monday, August 29, 2011

Don't trust everything you what can you trust? All this week we ask that question

For most of us when we were growing up, finding information was one of the generational challenges.

Maybe you’d speak with someone you knew who had some life or career experience, or your parents or teachers.

For school projects we spent a lot of time writing to companies who would post us out school project information packs.

...and we knew this information was credible because it came from credible sources.

You got a book out of the library and knew that it has some credibility, or it simply would not have been included in the library … generally speaking we didn’t have to worry about being mislead by the information we found.

Thanks to the Internet there is plenty of information available to us all, in fact more than you will ever read.

A lot of it claims to be scientific, but that just means it was observed and recorded.

This week I’m going to look in more depth into some of the recent so called scientific claims keeping this one thought in mind. 

Can we trust everything we read online?

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Last week I mentioned Dr George O'Neills work with Naltrexone Implants - for more information see

This week a charity in focus - visit this link



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