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Monday, August 15, 2011

Australia's border protection is about national sovereignty.

There are those who flippantly dismiss the public call for the government to stop the refugee boats but they forget that the foundation of Australia  maintaining secure border protection policies, and sovereignty over our own immigration decisions, is to ensure that it is Australia who decides who comes here and how they come here.

These are decisions we should not leave up to people smugglers, especially because of the dangers involved in getting to this continent.

Yet another important issue we shouldn’t ignore is to ask about the true intentions of those seeking to come here.

Australians have a legitimate right to ask that question.

Is it such a bad thing that we want to know whether people who want to come here
want to work or want to join the welfare queue?
We have a soft touch government with no understanding of border protection that has created a welcome mat that spans from the Immigration office to the welfare department ….

….and that will stop the refugee boats?  

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