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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Public Servants must serve the public - Part 1 ... more to follow on this subject

Good Morning Dianne,

I’ve got to admit I get a bit frustrated sometimes - whether it is people who blindly walk across the road without looking;

Or public servants who have been entrusted with power to act in the public interest but don’t.

Over many years I’ve talked about Australia’s border protection failures.  

Government departments ignoring their primary role;
- of effectively protecting the nation’s border at the nation’s border.  

- Senior public servants acting to silence all vocal criticism, or dissent in the ranks, by harassing even charging, officers, who speak out about problems.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about another group of public servants acting on their personal bias and carrying out their own political vendettas.
This time on a brilliant drug rehabilitation and recovery program that originates from a clinic in Perth.

(Note: Widely acknowledged as life saving and having positive results, but threatening the quasi claim that there is no possible way to help drug addicts recover. There are many pushing to legalise drugs, push methadone or just plain shut down alternatives for whatever reason. This program has operated safely and successfully for many years.

This program is now the victim of public servants acting with their own political bias acting to shut down one of the world’s successful and safe recovery programs that has helped thousands successfully and safely to recovery from their drug addiction.

Public service acting in the Public interest?

...Turn It Up ...

...I’m Michael Robinson

See the Fresh Start website  for the program run by Dr George O'Neill in Perth. This program is also available in some other clinics around Australia, we need to encourage government support to see it made available in every town and city where people want to recover from their addictions and where this program could be of great assistance for those it is suitable for.


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