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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Protests aren't being heard by deaf government

The Government are trying to play down the numbers reported at yesterday’s truck convoy protests as they arrived in Canberra yesterday.

Sure there are a few thousand people at various rallies in the past  and each individual rally may not seem like a lot.

If all these protesters turned up at one time in one place you might get a major rally to rival the radical left wing protests.

But lets keep in mind these are protests and convoys of normally conservative people who are normally at work.

They are not your usual protesters, the usual rable protests are made up of the left wing jobless or uni students or unionists who are whipped into a frenzy and can take days off and sit around causing trouble.

That is why yesterday we had the take it easy comments from Anthony Albanese dismissing the protest as being of no does this socialist elitist government actually represents - the people?  

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