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Monday, August 8, 2011

What is a Hand-Shake worth?

When times are good most often we find that business grow, profits grow and people are generally a bit more generous and there is more money flowing around the economy more freely.

However in tough and difficult times things get a bit more - well, difficult.

I thought today I’d raise the issue of what is a hand-shake worth?

There was a time for most honourable people - that is people whose word meant something - that a promise, particularly one sealed on a handshake, was just as good, if not sometimes better than a water tight written and signed contract.

When you hear stories about people who have had some con-man take their business or house away from them often a lot of the trouble stems back to a handshake when they have trusted someone with their finances and their future.

In our society we have a saying about a man is as good as his word and we shake hands on it, as if it means something ...

… but does it any more?

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