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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Science has it's flaws

Morning Di

There is a little interesting thing about scientific evidence that we aren’t always told.

Not only are scientific studies imperfect, but sometimes they are even biased, sometimes by their methodology and sometimes because the scientists in charge make presumptions that are plain wrong.

Over the past week there was one scientific study that was widely reported and it highlights this problem.

The conclusion of the study was that obese people are better off having surgery than being given a low energy diet and exercising.

Now unfortunately a lot of the media simply reported this conclusion without pointing out the problem with it.

Of course if you give obese people a low energy - low nutrient diet they won’t have sufficient energy to exercise so they won’t loose weight.
In my view the methodology was flawed and the conclusion was flawed.

So next time you hear someone talk about scientific evidence that doesn’t fit, that doesn’t make sense or is just plain flawed....tell them to....

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