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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bullying hurts us all

When-ever the issue of bullying comes up the reply from schools and the education department is always the line; “We do not tolerate bullying.”
Despite all the statements, from teachers, Principals, Government Departments and politicians, all saying the words they do not tolerate bullying, bullying continues to get worse in Australian schools.

School children know it, their parents know it and more and more experts are starting to recognise it.

Those who have seen their children bullied at school know they aren't safe, and they aren't being protected by the current policies and practices. In short the people we entrust our children to don't know how to keep them safe when another child decides to make things unsafe.

More about this next week but if anyone thinks this issue doesn't affect them consider this; If school aged bullies are allowed to get away with terrorising their victims in schools what sort of society are we creating?

And perhaps more sobering...

What kind of people are we? Those who stand by knowing that the most vulnerable in our society are being sent to a place where despite constantly telling us that they will keep our children safe those in charge are unable to do so.

WE are the experts...they say.... trust us they say....

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