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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Democratic Leadership

Well this week we are on the home stretch for the NSW election.

Polls suggest it will be the closest election ever for the ALP to getting wiped out, thought I doubt it will be quite that bad.

The two major party's campaigns have been dramatically different.

The Presidential style of the ALP is certainly a different tactic to the Coalition's team approach. Kristina Keneally is telling anyone who will listen that she is solely responsible for the ALP's generational change, and she is cleaning house.

They are terms that I find more than a little insulting to voters who elected them as well as, Labor party members and to the outgoing MP's, especially to those members of parliament who have served the public well.

The spin makes it sound like she's chased them all out of parliament and doesn't seem to give due credit to the democratic process of these people being local representatives.

The Premier's Presidential styled campaign and spin is particularly problematic if she does in fact loose this election because all the blame lands on her.

It does make you wonder who she listens to when she has determined her winning policy directions doesn't it, the people of NSW perhaps? ...

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