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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A failure of priorities in drug policy

Nicholas Cowdry, the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions put in his two cents worth this week at the NSW talk-fest saying if drugs were legalised there would be less drug crime. 

 Think about it, I wonder if he says the same thing about robbery and murder as well.

For 12 years I've been involved with Australian and International expert organisations working for the prevention of addiction and substance abuse.

 In that time I've heard and read all the arguments and the misguided statements that legalisation will improve things. It doesn't. 

 You need law enforcement, education and the health system to all work together.

Of course there is no argument that Australia can do better in regards to all addictions and all substance abuse.

However the failures of Australia's drug policy are not so much with either education, law enforcement or health, though each area does need some improvements, the failure is a failure to make prevention a priority.

Since 1985 prevention has relegated to be an afterthought starved of policy focus and funding. 

 Management of addiction has become the priority and now after two and half decades of the same group of people advising the Federal Government and pushing their harmonisation drug policy agenda now they have the nerve to say it isn't working ....

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