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Monday, March 28, 2011

Libs and Nats win in NSW: Gillard finds faith in Green prophets of the great black of doom

Of course it is congrats to the NSW Liberals - National Coalition this week, now their work really begins, and I wish them all the best because their work is certainly ahead of them.

In Federal politics our Prime Minister says there is no hard evidence for God as a Creator or as all powerful being she says.

Many say the same thing about theories of man made climate change.
Nevertheless the Prime Minister listens to the preachings of those from the Order of the Green Triangle and their 1984 like Orwellian preaching of “Green is good, carbon is evil” she seems to have converted to their faith.
Rather hypocritical then that she should mock other people for their faith then isn't it.

I know I'm not alone being concerned about what this new carbon religion preaching means for us and how taxing Australians is going to save the world.

Now the same prophets of doom tell us not to expect any reduction in the earth's temperature within a thousand years, but of course we still need to rush to implement this carbon tax before it has been properly thought through and ahead of the rest of the world... 

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