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Friday, March 11, 2011

This week has been a great boost in the popularity of our Prime Minister Joolia Gillard, the only minor glitch seems to have been that she's spoken to Americans and told them what they want to hear and now they love her. She is popular in America but she is the Australian Prime Minister.

Who wouldn't love her though. She represents a great country, us, who has strong and close ties with America, and she talked up their good points and highlighted, & focussed in on and turned up the heat on all the warm and fuzzy feel good things.

Nice to say such things, it doesn't hurt and it will be remembered.
In these international political circles sometimes it isn't the major world changing events that build political allies but regular praise and warm friendship openly expressed and reaffirmed.

So she's popular in America, but she can't stay there …. can she?



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