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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pauline Hanson may be the spoiler in NSW

l looks like Pauline Hanson wants to, and instantly has, stirred up the political debate in NSW. 
 Frankly I am disappointed she decided to run in this NSW election.
Her involvement on the Upper House ballot paper may just be the spoiler that puts the Greens into the controlling position.

Let me explain.

Basically too many independent candidates splits the votes and takes votes away from other NSW Independents and minor parties who might have otherwise had a chance of getting elected.
She risks splitting the anti major party vote, and those votes of various groups and independents who are raising some of the same issues.

Instead of those votes getting 1 or maybe even 2 representatives into the NSW Upper House the result might mean something like a single party on the opposite political spectrum actually get more number one votes and then are around longer to collect the preferences.

Too many candidates can actually defeating the campaign they were promoting.

Of course some may ask what if she does get elected?
.... Turn It Up.



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