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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gay marriage is no happy political issue

Monday 's topic

Gay marriage is not a happy political issue.

Well the Sydney Mardi Gras has been and gone. Another year of bad stereotypes, even worse public behaviour and political agendas have come out and perhaps now we can recognise the tiny number of people that are calling for changes.
Marriage is a religious issue and therefore it is a matter for the states, and frankly, religious organisations.
If Bob Brown wants to manipulate Julia Gillard, or the parliament, into thinking that a majority of the public supports him then Julia Gillard needs to remember what the make up of both houses of Federal Parliament actually is.
Between Labor and the Coalition together they hold the largest majority in both houses of Federal parliament.
There are urgent and important issues the Federal Parliament should be dealing with but Julia Gillard, breaking yet another political promise, is letting a minority party turn her head and pull her strings…....Turn It Up.



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