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Thursday, March 24, 2011

No Carbon Tax The People Say

Yesterday's “No Carbon Tax” protest rally in Canberra has certainly created some talking points, unfortunately much of the discussion has been about who could come up with the nastiest saying and the associated poster.

A few things that have come from this that have been interesting, however.

Some of the first organised protest rallies weren't that big in number, yesterday's protest in Brisbane was only a few hundred people but yesterday's Canberra rally at the Nation's Parliament House certainly showed that the public is against this Carbon Tax move and that strong public support to protest against the Carbon Tax....continues to grow.

Anyone who takes an impartial look at yesterday's protest and the protesters will not be hoodwinked by those trying to brush them off even interestingly there was one Labor MP (Deb O'Neill from NSW Central Coast) who got in amongst it, (not known if she supports the tax or the protest but was said she was there to listen to the people) because clearly she knew and understood she is a representative of the people and the people had come to Canberra to speak to their elected representatives.

In the other corner is the Get Up” organisation who until recently tried to maintain the line that they are a bipartisan grass-roots organisation for every day Australians.

They reached their newest low yesterday in mounting an organised media campaign to try and discredit the protesters themselves, clearly showing who they are and what they'll stoop to, yeah grassroots orgnanisation???    … Turn It Up





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