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Friday, March 25, 2011

Demi-Crazy ... and the NSW State Election March 26th 2011

Tomorrow NSW goes to the polls and this week our letter boxes have been busier than ever. Political leaflets have been supplemented by personalised letters. Yesterday we received 3 from the ALP alone, each personally addressed to us, and one to someone I've never heard of.

So tomorrow when you go to vote don't give a second thought to those letters the candidates posted out to everyone on the electoral rolls don't think what happens about the mystery names at your address.

Lots of people get them, they aren't the people who lived there years ago who haven't change their address, don't worry about them.

... After all who would go to the trouble of having additional names and addresses on the electoral roll?

... And tomorrow if, when you go to vote you find that you aren't even on the electoral roll, don't sweat it, it actually happens to quite a lot of people. ... .... 

... ... You will still be able to vote.

Don't let it worry you if you find your neighbours and entire street don't even appear on the electoral roll anywhere either.

It is still one person one vote, isn't it? ... ... 

... ... Turn It Up.

P.S. ... Post Script

Demi-crazy ...
(a play on the words democracy . demi-crazy like democracy is half crazy ............., yes I know it is lame when you have to explain it......, but when I typed this up I liked it because many people like to believe the facade of Australian democracy but if you spend enough time around elections you do wonder how accurate the one person = one vote whole thing really is....I'll keep asking and keep getting the same answers and the more I see the less I'm convinced the system is exactly and perfectly neatly.

Now I'm often asked can you prove corruption and no, I cannot, but the electoral commission cannot prove there isn't corruption, or mistakes or errors etc at all, and it is their role to ensure the validity of the election, we need to get them to pick up and improve how elections are carried out to ensure the result represents what the people voted for and the result isn't "blurred" by mistakes or other errors or interfering. ) 

....and the N.S.W. State Election on March 26th 2011


went to find the official site and found this one, good on the ACL for some clever website strategies




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