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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Taking a Stand to Say No Way To Drugs

There has been a lot of navel gazing and commentary over the difficulty independents may have at this election.

It isn't just about getting their message heard, or the possible backlash due to the deal Federal candidates did to form the Federal Government there are also ballot paper issues whether they are grouped independents or un-grouped individual candidates in the far right hand column of the upper house ballot paper they have a harder time becoming known than the major parties and well known minor parties.

(*Note Darren is 3rd in the far right hand side ungrouped column, if you wish to vote for parties or individual candidates check out here

There are some higher profile ones who might just have a chance at election.
Particularly well respected known individuals running in the Upper House campaign, people like John Hatton and someone I know well is Darren Marton.

Darren is well known for his “No Way To Drugs” community education program in schools and sports; Advocating for families and changes to drugs policies that we've spoken about for more than a decade now.
When I hear him talk his words are those I want to tell him to keep going and to... Turn It Up – LOUD
I'm Michael Robinson


Darren's website

The NSW Election home page



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