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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Food regulator dragging their feet

Earlier this week I mentioned the dangers that gluten in food holds for some people, like other food allergies and sensitivities it is an issue of health for many people.
Now these concerns about allergies and reactions to foods aren't just linked to whole foods like grains, wheat, even nuts and other foods.
To complicate things there are many food additives in many commercial foods that aren't even listed on the labels. As more information is known about the dangers of these substances worldwide more is being done to ban them, or at least disclose to consumers which products contain what additives.
This level of information is essential
Increasingly more people are finding out that avoiding sources of gluten or various additives is beneficial and essential to their health and well-being.
Online help as well as support groups are an invaluable source of information for the growing number of people who are learning that it is in our best interests to avoid the many additives that are put into our food not for our health or well being, but to increase the profitability for the manufacturer.
While many of those additives are banned overseas Australia's regulators are dragging their feet on banning or even requiring full disclosure on labels because they say that may cause concern among consumers, and that statement is supposed to reassure us?
....Turn It Up.
A friend of mine runs a support group in Brisbane, find a support group locally that will help you.


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