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Friday, March 18, 2011

Nuclear unclear

For almost a week now the world has been given the impression that things are pretty much under control at the nuclear power plant that was affected by the earthquake and Tsunami to hit Japan.

During that time sceptics, including myself, have wondered whether we were being told everything, but the world was somewhat reassured as articles were written, by experts, talking about how well the design of the structure and containment held up to these extreme and devastating circumstances.

Of course we know these were most unusual circumstances, they weren't circumstances that most of the world's 200 or so nuclear reactors will face on any normal day.

Nevertheless the reality is that we live on a planet where these circumstances are more than just likely or probably. Events like Japan has experienced are guaranteed to occur, we know they will but what we don't always know is when or where.

Now more and more reports are coming out that Japan may be facing one of the biggest down sides of the use nuclear power, and despite this there will still be those who will try and tell us that nuclear power is a safer and cleaner option … 

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