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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Watch out for road safety

One of the big issues in road safety, car manufacturer, and politics is the issue of pedestrian safety.

Our school children are told to look before they cross the roads, but increasingly we have more and more people who cross the road without even looking and seem oblivious to the dangers of stepping in front of moving vehicles.

A few nights ago after 9pm in the middle of a dark Sydney suburban road two people both dressed in dark colours the lady was in black from her head scarf to her feet the man in dark brown and when I noticed them they had just stepped out from the centre line to be in lane I was driving in and now front of the car I was driving. 

As I noticed them I hit the brakes and horn about the same time.

Fortunately my driving kept them safer than their common-sense did, and do you think what they were yelling and shaking their fists was; to say Thanks for that? 

Thank you we realise we were idiots and shouldn't be stepping out in front of cars on a dark road???

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