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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Make Prevention The Priority Not Addiction

... At the end of June each year Australia has a Government sponsored National Drugs Awareness Week this year it looks like activities are starting early with the usual suspects again calling for the legalisation of all drugs.

The arguments they continue to put forward, as they have done for decades, are critically flawed and based on nonsense.

First is their claim that if you can’t stop criminal involvement in drugs then you should legalising all drugs.

Here in Australia the government and big tobacco companies only recently released figures that criminals hold almost half of that legal addictive product’s market.

Then they say, make it a health issue and take law enforcement out of the mix altogether.
Well our society doesn’t work that way, there is always two sides of the coin with law enforcement as the stick when the carrot doesn’t work.

Finally they simply repeat over and over again that legalisation has worked in other countries when anyone who closely examines the evidence can see legalisation would sell out our youth to criminals and big companies to profit by getting more Australians addicted to more harmful products.

...Tell them to … 

... Turn It Up.

... I’m Michael Robinson

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