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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Government decisions continue to undermine our farmers

With the average age of Australian farmers increasing and the viability of farming becoming an enigma against ridiculous government decision making ...

... Decision making that is destroying rather than protecting Australian farmers ...

… It is no surprise that increasingly the youth of Australia are turning their backs on farming as either a career or a business.

Recently The Federal Government’s knee jerk reactionary decision to impose a 6 month ban on live exports rather than work with the industry to protect the animals, jobs and incomes was just one more government decision that became yet another disincentive for many young people.

But it is more than that, it showed that this government was willing to jump when the Left clicked their fingers and do so without any consultation or consideration of an entire Australian farming sector and do so without even wanting to make  Australian primary producers a priority in government decisions.

Against the background of pests and diseases that government decisions have allowed into this country and spread across native landscapes and primary production....

Who’d want to be an Australian farmer

… Turn It Up.

…. I’m Michael Robinson

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