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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lord Monkton is controversial but calling it like it is.

Monday's comment 27/6/2011

By now I think most Australians understand the point the coalition were trying to make by calling for a plebiscite - a national vote on the Carbon Tax.

I don’t see the point in another vote, there is an already an overwhelming majority of Australians who voted on this issue at the election and they voted overwhelmingly for the 3 major parties who promised to not  bring in a carbon tax.

Only the Greens can boast a tiny handful of voters who supported their call for the Carbon Tax ….with Andrew Wilkie included.

That is the mandate this entire parliament should be holding the government to - The policies that the public supported when the public voted, not any secret deals made after the nation voted.

Lord Monkton’s controversial recent comments liken this government’s sneaky secret deals and decision making to some of the worst historically fascist governments highlighting how both set aside open democratic processes to achieve their end aims.

What is he supposed to say?  That Australia is leading the way as a world leader in politically honest democracy?

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