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Friday, June 17, 2011

Australia Post = FAIL


Anyone who has ever tried to resolve a lost parcel problem will understand the frustrations I’m currently having with Australia Post.....

….and that seems to be quite a lot of people.

A few months ago I ordered a package of goods worth almost three hundred dollars from Melbourne and the company 

("the company" is also known as Paddy Melon or and Melbourne Food Depot apparently were supposed to be a reputable company ..... hmmmm see notes below for the saga of their most recent email to customers on this.)

....well they sent it out via Australia Post using a service that requires a signature.

The online tracking system claims that the parcel was signed for and delivered at time on a certain day that I know that no one was at our home so this is where it gets problematic.

Australia Post say that they not only delivered the parcel but they have a signature, albiet a squiggle (see notes below as Australia Post won't official speak to a parcel recipient only a sender),  so that is the end of it.

The company I ordered the goods from says if Australia Post has a signature then they have discharged all their duties and that is the end of it.

It doesn’t matter to Australia Post where the parcel was actually delivered or who actually signed for it, or perhaps if the driver may have dropped it anywhere and just faked a signature.

….Turn It Up


Fair Trading have made inquiries and also advise that they cannot help since Australia Post claims to have a signature .... it doesn't seem to matter to anyone that the signature (I've been told but no one will show me) is non legible.

I was told the signature is nothing more than a squiggle.

About 6 weeks into this saga sent an email to all their customers basically saying that a LOT of their parcels have been going missing despite Australia Post getting signatures and this was looking bad on them so they were changing their policy and implementing an optional insurance on deliveries ....

Although this is clear admission that many other customers also haven't gotten their deliveries neither Melbourne (F for FAIL) Food Depot nor Australia Post will admit there is a problem, nor will they fix it ....yet.



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