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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Air conditioned classrooms are cold air on hot air about saving energy.

Recently a note came home from one of our children’s school Parents and Citizen’s Committees asking for parents to consider the issue of the P&C paying for the purchase and installation of air conditioning in every classroom, and office in the school.

Now as much as I am all for our children being well cared for, I have to admit I have serious questions about the merits of installing air conditioning in every school classroom.

For sure there are a handful of weeks over summer most Australians would appreciate air conditioning, school children included, and this highlights the need for new buildings to incorporate passive lighting, heating and cooling designs features.

With schools constantly asking parents for extra money for text books, pencils, school excursions, school equipment and even to pay some teacher’s salaries let alone find money for activities like in school drama, music and sports these sorts of fundraisers make you ask:  

Are our children so soft that they need air conditioning and a constant temperature in the classroom while they learn about the need to not waste electricity at home?

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