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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Economic Downturn is A Taste Of Things to Come

Well this week the economists are all in a lather because Australia’s economic figures are down due to recent local disasters that have adversely impacted on tourism, mining, food production, manufacturing and the other major economic engines of the Australian nation.

This at the same time the Government’s Henny Penny and Ducky Lucky Climate Policy Team want Australians to not worry about the effects of future increased costs that will impact all Australian industries.


Because there simply won’t be any Australian industries left to worry about.

When local costs increase businesses will move to where there are lower costs of doing business.

Australia will still dig up the minerals and ship them overseas for overseas companies and overseas workers to turn our raw materials into final products and ship them back here, if we still have any money to purchase their products.

When you cut through the rhetoric it is all about levelling the global playing field, bringing Australia down a few pegs.

…. and these are the people we elected to protect our interests  …. 

...Turn It Up.

I'm Michael Robinson

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