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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Safe food is the best education for growing children, especially when they grow that food themselves.

Thursday morning's comment - Thursday 16th June 2011 on radio 2SM
after the 7am news Michael speaks with Grant Goldman each weekday morning

One of the most significant projects promoting human health and good environmental practices is the growth of school gardens.  This isn’t some new fad.

Around the world school gardens have a history that have sustained communities for generations even through wars and famine.

But many modern Australian children have no idea how to grow food, or even what is healthy food.

Organic Permacuture food production provides healthier food and sustainable practices which means improved food security as well as being a lot more profitable than relying on Genetically Modified seeds and toxic chemicals.

Teaching children to grow their own safe and healthy food in this way provides a valuable real world education about economics, the environment, biology and of course health.  Can you imagine it?

Children eager to go to school, get their hands dirty, spread a bit of chook manure around and eat the fruit and vegies that they grew themselves while nurturing their own health and educationn...

So what is it to be Prime Minister?  

Surely not more pesticides? ….Turn it up

I’m Michael Robinson


The Prime Minister and Federal Government are under increasing pressure to ban pesticides and certain chemicals in Australia that have been banned overseas.

Hard to imagine that we are lagging behind on this one when this same government talks about the importance of the environment, the importance of health and of the future....

p.p.s. Please Oppose Codex Alimentarius

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