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Friday, June 24, 2011

PINK, and Family, in the pink....but seeing red.

I’m no entertainment reporter but reading through something overnight I thought it deserved today’s comment.

For those who follow the fabulous music entertainer known only by the colour PINK, they will already know that she released a statement just over 12 paragraphs in length on her website yesterday.

PINK wanted to warn fans that they may see some middle fingers in the next few months, which may be their only way, as parents, to keep some of the paparazzi photos from being published.

She went on to explain to fans that because the media situation in America is such that it pays photographers for photos of their new baby, just because PINK is a celebrity, they have decided to show their middle fingers in as many photos as they can in the hope those pictures just may not get published.

Strange world isn’t it when media outlets pry into other people’s privacy and publish photos, even of a baby without the parent’s permission, and call that public interest...

....but can’t show a middle finger because that would be rude....

...Turn It Up.
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