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Monday, June 6, 2011

Medical System - Failing In Health

Anyone who has required urgent medical treatment will appreciate the hard work of those in our medical system. 

Unfortunately for the many good staff working in the system, particularly those who work in our hospitals any criticism of a failing system is usually taken as criticism of the hard working staff rather than of the failing system.

Last night my daughter cut her hand quite badly while washing up.

We had stopped the bleeding and bandaged the cut and my wife took her to Emergency to ensure there was no damage to ligaments and that sort of thing. 

Unfortunately on arrival you have to open up the bandage and show the first triage nurse, then fill out paperwork to be considered to be seen properly.  

Then the next triage nurse also opens up the bandage again, then you wait some more.

Then a few hours later you see the doctor, and and home 6 hours later.

You can’t argue with the price they charge but do we have the best medical system we can offer?

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I’m Michael Robinson

p.s. I often get targeted by health spokespeople who respond and say I shouldn't criticise the hard working and excellent staff .... NOTE I am NOT.

I'll have more to say on this another day, but we thank the staff and simply say their life helping people shouldn't be nearly so difficult in a difficult system.

Funding prevention would help whether it is treating injuries quicker to prevent further infection or getting rapid treatment. Getting a bandage on a would doesn't mean if someone has a cut ligament or infection that they have been treated.

If a child has an infection leaving them in the waiting room for hours coughing on everyone else isn't prevention, but also other problems include staff having to scour the hospital for supplies. Funding cuts might look great on paper but they don't save money, they waste it because people spend longer looking for supplies or adapting equipment to do a job it isn't designed for....all the time wasting time and money and supplies.

If a task is done quickly with the correct supplies they could move on to the next patient, but no.....

...another question to ponder is - why does it cost so much? Are suppliers ripping off the public health system or are taxpayers paying more because when the government doesn't pay it's bills on time suppliers bump up prices in their next tender to cover the time they wait for bills to be paid and because all tendering companies know this all costs rise.....perhaps?

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