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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Too many drips in charge of water policy

With this rain anyone in Australia will appreciate that we get periods of dry weather and times when water is abundant.

It is hard to recall those days when Sydney’s water supplies were dwindling and we could have done with increased storage and supplies.

But there are still places in Australia that do still suffer significant water shortages, and governments seem willing to ignore them.

Even i a time of high water need a big monster of machinery on the edge of Sydney is simply not going to provide all Australians with water security, in fact it isn’t even going to supply all Sydney-siders, but we all pay for it.

Which begs the question why are we spending even more money maintaining the Sydney desalination plant when that same money could be put into water security for the entire nation but of course that would require politicians with some true vision of the future....

...Turn it up

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