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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fracking is the new rude word

It is well known that Australia has coal buried beneath our soil and in those coal fields there is also a lot of coal seam gas, enough to last this country more than 500 years.

It doesn’t take an expert in mining to know that companies are making huge profits extracting even some of that coal and gas out of the ground, and the world is hungry for sources of energy.

But the question has to be asked:  
What is the true cost?
and are we willing to pay that cost?  

Particularly what liabilities created and damage is done to the environment and to productive farming country?

Despite every promise and assurance before they begin operations, the reality is when mining operations end those involved ... leave.
Profits are taken away and what is left behind is a liability and a disgrace for the nation.

Liabilities like rivers disappearing down old mines and prime farm land dissected by a pox like land plague.

And we are all told that it is good for the nation?

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