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Monday, June 20, 2011

Katter Call Outs

Bob Katter and his way of talking and his big hat and even bigger policy statements are some what of a joke for some people but what he says, if you actually pay attention, isn’t any joke.

Which is why there are those who feel the need to poke fun at Katter because he reminds Australians that a lot of what they get from many politicians is poor excuses and inferior compromises rather than what they were prommised and what they deserve.

Any long term listener to to your program (Grant Goldman's program on radio 2SM, 1269AM or to listen live) will know that for a long time I, along with many others, have continued to speak out out against the Federal Government’s trend of ignoring the priorities of Australian farmers and Australian business.

Whether it is poor border controls and AQuIS failures or the recent total disregard and lack of respect for Australian farmers on a number of fronts.

This week I’ll talk about a number of issues affecting primary production in Australia but if the Prime Minister tells us she is Moving Australia forward,

I’ll personally tell her to 

......Turn It Up.

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