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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Global food suppliers are really a local issue

All this week I’ve spoken about the issues Australian farmers face, most of them caused, or made worse, by government decision making.

So it is not surprising to me that the G20 this week was warned that the world is as close as one bad food harvest away from a global food crisis.

The situation is being made worse because up to 40% of some food crops, those crops like corn and sugar rich crops, are being diverted from food into biofuels which not only decreases the availability of these crops for food, but also reduces food reserves that buffer food availability.

Oh sure when banana prices went from $2 a kilo to $18 a few people momentarily thought about it, but because we have a wider source of food types and an even wider supply chain we don’t think about the choices farmers have to make to plant crops to ensure continuous national food supplies.

It is something most of us don’t give a thought to.

Perhaps we don’t need to, with governments and global regulators watching out for us, perhaps we can leave everything to them, and trust them to feed us all....

… Turn It Up.

…. I’m Michael Robinson


after the segment-a thought

yes I grow my own backyard vegie garden and think we all need to stock up on nuts and lentils and sprout seeds and know how to grow more of our own food and at least grow our own sprouts.

Survival experts say we should have at least 10, that is right TEN, weeks self sufficiency supplies in case of a major disaster......most people would have a few days food in the pantry at best but would fall short on water supplies.

If the global food security became an issue would Australian farmers be able to feed Australians???????

That is something to consider isn't it!


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