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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gillard - Swan song jobs meat industry a knock out blow

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It is great to see the public debate and discussion that has come from the government’s lazy and sloppy ban on shipping live beef to Indonesia, but what I find most revealing in all this is that sound echoing in my ears of the Gillard-Swan-song’s claim that this government is about jobs.

Well they’ve certainly jobbed the Australian meat industry fair smack in the face this week haven’t they.

At the first hint of a problem, not industry wide but in some isolated places, rather than work through it in a careful considered way instead the Gillard government sings the Swan song for the Australian meat export industry and deals it what may yet be a fatal industry blow for many.

Of course those in charge of the MLA clearly dropped the ball but neither they nor the Federal Government are the ones who will suffer from this week’s knee jerk decision.

It is the beef producers and thousands of support industry suppliers, contractors,  workers and their families who will have lost jobs from the Gillard-Swan-song that they claim is all about jobs


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