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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's your beef with this Government's lazy decision making?

One of the big arguments for Australia baning live animal exports to places like Indonesia is that: “we don’t want any animals being treated in an appalling manner...” and so, apparently, as the story goes, if Australia bans Australian beef sales and exports to Indonesia then they will have to improve their practices.


As nice as that might be when you are arguing these issues in the comfort of an office in Canberra the reality is that Indonesia has other alternative suppliers and some of them are very keen to supply their beef.

Sure it might have the risk of Foot N Mouth or may have to suffer travelling further but the reality is if the Australian government and regulators both want to turn their backs on the industry and stick their collective heads in the sand and think that will bring about change .....

Tell em to .....

....Turn it up ....

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