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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sticks and stones don't ensure the mud still won't fly

One question a lot of people are asking this week, is: 

Why did Tony Abbott ask Peter Reith to run for Liberal Party President and then, as it would seem, apparently not vote for him?

....well I suppose it is one of those things we might never know.

But I can’t help wonder:
.... if it might have been to publicly show that the Liberal Party, with Tony Abbott, has completely distanced it’s self from Work Choices and the Peter Reith type of workplace relations reforms that seem to have some voters scared off the Coalition.

The type of workplace reforms that some in the party keep calling for...

.... and the same workplace reforms that the Labor party scared many voters away from voting Liberal in recent past elections.

So is that it? Is that it for an issue that has been an effective voter scare campaign for the Greens and the ALP?

Now that Tony Abbott has both said and shown that radical workplace reform under his leadership is dead, and buried and twice so, does anyone really think that the muck-rakers and mud-throwers will leave this one alone and ensure their own party is honest with the Australian people?

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