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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Opinion is not Fact

In the past week I’ve read some amazing stuff online, here are just 5 of the headlines but 2 are wrong.

First one:

Prince William secretly divorces Kate

(False...and From The Onion so that was an easy one)

Then there is:
Farmers worldwide running out of land to grow food to feed the world’s population because sea levels are rising.

(False. Improvements to farming practices could increase profitability and productivity on the current farming land that is in use today.)

On another website-
Experts claim that the use of super high doses of certain vitamins along with changes production and what we eat could cut the cost of prescription medications and public-health-care by more than half each and every year.

(True, albeit a bit controversial because most doctors only look at studies published in the main journals and aren't widely read.)

On yet another website I read that it was:
Time for Australia to leave the fighting in Afghanistan because Australians don’t like our soldiers being killed in battle.

(True - public opinion polls do suggest this, but we have to ask are polls always a good way to make public policy decisions? Look at the snap decision to ban meat trade and how that will actually hurt the Australian farmers where the Government could have worked with the industry to ensure improvements. That decision is sloppy and lazy and clearly pushed by a very narrow poll based decision not at all in the national interest or the interest of jobs or the farming sector.)

An American Politician told the truth and no one believed him.

(True. What a Weiner)

So how do we know which of these 5 are the two that editors got wrong?

Do we check the opinion polls?

…. Turn It Up ….

….. I’m Michael Robinson

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